Online courses are the perfect choice for you if you are looking for high quality learning without having to leave the comfort of your home or your workplace. If you can’t attend our classes in Prague 7 or there are no Italian courses in your area, we can offer you a first-rate learning experience thanks to a variety of techniques and online tools that will help you develop your skills (in addition to conversation we also work on reading, listening, writing and grammar). Our online courses are also suitable for beginner levels.

All our teachers are native speakers and experienced, qualified trainers who believe that online teaching and learning can be more than just conversation. You will be able to study and explore the language using new tools under the guidance of a skilled teacher.

What you need to attend an online course via Skype:

  • A reliable internet connection and the Skype software (free download:
  • Please write to us at We will answer all of your questions and we will plan your lessons together. 

Content of Skype courses:

  • Standard courses from level A2 to C2 of the CEFR
  • Preparation courses for PLIDA examination
  • Business Italian courses
  • Conversational courses

Course prices:
60 min / 700 CZK
90 min / 900 CZK

Individual discount CAMIC: 10% off a lesson-set for members of CAMIC (Italian-Czech Chamber of Commerce).
Individual discount MULTI: 10% off the most expensive course when signing up for multiple courses running at the same time.
Group discount FAMILY: 10% off the most expensive course when members of the same nuclear family sign up to courses running at the same time (Italian, Czech, children courses).

The above discounts cannot be combined. We accept Edenred and Sodexo vouchers.

When signing up for this course you will receive a Student Membership Card which grants you special discounts with our partners in Italy, in the Czech Republic and all over the world. Learn more.


Our teaching approach is based on the following four principles:

  1. We work with a communicative approach that follows the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. We aim at developing all skills with a particular focus on spoken communication (understanding and speaking).
  2. Our teachers communicate in Italian from the very first lesson.
  3. The learning materials used in the course are 100% in Italian and are chosen to be aligned with the student’s level. They are also consistently supplemented by authentic Italian sources selected by the teacher. In addition to this, we use teaching techniques that are unique to our school.
  4. Our teachers are all Italian native speakers, they have a university degree and are specialized in teaching Italian as a foreign language. They all have extensive teaching experience and go through regular training. 

The course book used in the course is chosen to be aligned with the student’s level and is  consistently supplemented by authentic Italian sources selected by the teacher.

We also organize one-to-one courses to prepare for the Plida examination that certifies proficiency in Italian as a foreign language. We are the only Examination Center for the Plida certification in the Czech Republic.

Thanks to our experience of more than 10 years and our belief in the mutual commitment of teacher and student, we can guarantee quick progress in building up basic communication skills as well as improving proficiency for more advanced learners.

Our lessons are challenging and they are held in a friendly atmosphere reflecting Italian culture and lifestyle, which is one more goal we aim to achieve in our lessons.

  1. Courses are intended for a minimum of 4 students. In case a course should open with 3 or 2 students, the price of the course will be increased proportionally or the number of lessons will be decreased proportionally as per the following:
  2. Enrollment to a course is considered completed only upon the payment of the course fee. The payment must be carried out before the student can begin to attend the course. We accept Edenred and Sodexo vouchers.
  3. In case the course should not open due to insufficient enrollment numbers, the student will be offered an alternative course suitable for their needs
  4. In case of refusal of the alternative course offered by Prague Branch SDA, the course fee will be fully reimbursed.
  5. The enrollment is considered valid for the student to register for and hold a place in the subsequent course immediately following the one attended. Enrollment in the following course will be confirmed by email and upon the settlement of the course fee, although it is not guaranteed that the following course will take place under the same conditions (day, time, teacher, course materials). Any changes will be communicated to the student ahead of time.
  6. Our Branch reserves the right to keep 25% of the cost of an open course in case the student withdraws less than a week before the start date of the course. 
  7. After the start date of the course the student is not entitled to a refund, neither full nor partial, of the paid fee.
  8. If no student shows up for the lesson, the teacher will wait for 30 minutes after which time he/she will have the right to leave before the expected end time of the lesson.
  9. To avoid interrupting the normal course of the lesson, we ask everybody to turn off sound on mobile phones and use them only in case of an emergency or for learning purposes as instructed by the teacher.
  10. If only one student should show up, the lesson duration will be adjusted as follows: 60 min will last 45 min, 90 min will last 70 min, 120 min will last 90 min.
  11. Regarding the current situation with the Covid-19 pandemic, we don’t know when we will be able to resume our courses in person and which restrictions will apply (use of masks in the classrooms, social distancing and so on). We are following the Health Ministry’s directions and our best judgment in order to guarantee everyone’s health and safety. We hope to meet you all in person very soon.
  12. Payment of the course fee signifies agreement to the above-mentioned terms.
  13. The above-mentioned terms shall be automatically renewed for succeeding payments. 







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