Our Czech courses are specifically designed for Italian native speakers. 

We offer group courses of all levels as well as individual and business courses.

Standard courses consist of 90 min lessons, running once or twice a week for groups of 4-8 students.

Intensive courses consist of double 90 min lessons (for a total of 180 min) which run in the morning twice a week, for groups of 4-8 students.

The lessons are held mainly in Czech – with the exception of beginner courses, where Italian is used to explain vocabulary and grammar. Lessons include listening, writing, spoken language and grammar following the principles of spiral learning, which favors learning a minimum amount of grammar and reinforcing concepts over time, by teaching them gradually and repeatedly through games and communication.

All our teachers are native speakers and experienced, qualified trainers.

The atmosphere in our courses is friendly, stimulating and stress free.

Course book: Lída Holá, New Czech step by step


Individual discount CAMIC: 10% off a lesson-set for members of CAMIC (Italian-Czech Chamber of Commerce).
Individual discount MULTI: 10% off the most expensive course when signing up for multiple courses running at the same time.
Group discount FAMILY: 10% off the most expensive course when members of the same nuclear family sign up to courses running at the same time (Italian, Czech, children courses).

The above discounts cannot be combined. We accept Edenred and Sodexo vouchers.

* Due to the current situation we don’t know when we will be able to resume our courses in person and which restrictions will apply (use of masks in the classrooms, social distancing and so on). We are following the Health Ministry’s directions and our best judgment in order to guarantee everyone’s health and safety. We hope to meet you all in person very soon. When signing up for this course you will receive a Student Membership Card which grants you special discounts with our partners in Italy, in the Czech Republic and all over the world. Learn more.


Our teaching approach is based on the following four principles:

  1. We work with a communicative approach that follows the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. We aim at developing all skills with a particular focus on spoken communication (understanding and speaking).
  2. Our teachers communicate in Czech from the very first lesson.
  3. The learning materials used in the course are 100% in Italian and are chosen to be aligned with the student’s level. They are also consistently supplemented by authentic Italian sources selected by the teacher. In addition to this, we use teaching techniques that are unique to our school.
  4. Our teachers are all Czech native speakers, they have a university degree and are specialized in teaching Czech as a foreign language. They all have extensive teaching experience and go through regular training. 

The course book used in the course is chosen to be aligned with the student’s level and is  consistently supplemented by authentic Italian sources selected by the teacher.

Thanks to our experience of more than 10 years and our belief in the mutual commitment of teacher and student, we can guarantee quick progress in building up basic communication skills as well as improving proficiency for more advanced learners.

Our lessons are challenging and they are held in a friendly atmosphere reflecting Italian culture and lifestyle, which is one more goal we aim to achieve in our lessons.

  1. The courses are held by the Società Dante Alighieri, o.s. with registered office in Pod Dlážděnkou St. 4 – Prague 8, IČ 26989263, and place of business at Letenské nám. 1, 170 00 Prague 7, IČ 26989263 (from now on referred as “Prague Branch SDA”).
  2. Enrollment in a course is finalized after the payment of the course fee, which must be carried out before the start date of the course through a bank transfer to the account n°1032676018/2700. When making the bank transfer it is required to state the assigned variable symbol (variabilní symbol in Czech).
  3. The courses are held by professional teachers with proven experience and qualifications in teaching the Italian language to foreign speakers.
  4. The lessons are held at the premises of Prague Branch SDA at Letenské nám. 1, 170 00 Prague 7 or at the student’s premises (work or residence) in case of individual courses. Any changes in the lessons’ premises will be communicated promptly and agreed together with the student.
  5. If the teacher who is in charge of the course is not able to hold a lesson for justified reasons out of their control, Prague Branch SDA shall ensure a replacement. In case a replacement is not feasible, the lesson shall be rescheduled to a date and time agreed by the teacher together with the students.
  6. If a student misses four consecutive lessons without giving any prior communication to the teacher or the secretary of Prague Branch SDA, the student will lose their place in the course with no right to a refund.
  7. The minimum number of student for a course is four. In case a course should open with three students the price of the course will be increased accordingly.
  8. The enrollment is completed only after the payment of the course fee. In case the course should not reach the minimum number of enrollments required to be opened, the student will be offered an alternative course suitable for their needs.
  9. In case of refusal of the alternative course offered by Prague Branch SDA, the course fee will be fully reimbursed.
  10. The enrollment is considered valid for the student to register for and hold a place in the subsequent course immediately following the one attended. Enrollment in the following course will be confirmed by email and upon the settlement of the course fee, although it is not guaranteed that the following course will take place under the same conditions (day, time, teacher, course materials). Any changes will be communicated to the student ahead of time.
  11. Prague Branch SDA reserves the right to keep 25% of the cost of an open course in case the student withdraws less than a week before the start date of the course. 
  12. After the start date of the course the student is not entitled to a refund, neither full nor partial, of the paid fee.







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